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The Beyond Kin Project

Beyond Kin families are noted with an asterisk (*Name) in the tag cloud.

  • Road Block – Detour Required (9/12/2017) - So about a month ago, I got a couple of emails from Family Search. I suspect it was based on a particular person’s complaint, although I’ll never be able to know who. EVERY virtual person AND every enslaved person I had created on the Family Search system (who didn’t have an actual, unique last name) […]
  • New Probate Files added – Atchison county, Missouri (7/4/2017) - I’ve got a public google drive folder for storing and sharing the images of Atchison county, MO probate files, and I just got a bunch of images processed and uploaded. These are shared with a Creative Commons: NO Rights Reserved. I just took the photos, and my goal is that these images help other people, […]
  • Where did Elijah & Mariah Graves go??? (6/29/2017) - We begin their tale in the middle by focusing on a most unusual circumstance. Recorded in the Atchison county Missouri marriage book A, pg 109, in an identical fashion to all white newlyweds, we see “at the home of Alfred Kime, . . . Elijah, a black servant belonging to Alfred* Graves . . . […]
  • Slaveholder Names of Interest – Missouri & Elsewhere (5/27/2017) - Other than Atchison county, which is my primary focus for The Beyond Kin Project, I need to organize the names I’m looking for elsewhere. However, since there is copy/pasting involved – dates without location indicate Atchison county. The Family Search PID numbers are included – while they might change because of merging, it should still […]
  • Slaveholder Names of Interest – Atchison county, MO (5/27/2017) - In order to be more effective in searching for records, I need to summarize all the names of interest for Atchison county. I’m sure more will be added down the road. MO-Atchison is assumed, other locations will be noted. The Family Search PID numbers are included – while they might change because of merging, it […]
  • Facebook helps open doors (5/14/2017) - My post about the 1860 Atchison county Missouri, was seen by a potential DNA connection, Tracy, who pointed me to research published by Douglas Shipley in the National Genealogical Society’s Quarterly, v. 90, no. 2, June 2002. In trying to find a publicly available digital copy of the NGS article, I also found a web-page […]
  • 1860 Atchison county Missouri (5/14/2017) - The 1860 Census covers about the same information as the 1850, also with a separate Slave Schedule. Family Search doesn’t have the Slave Schedule available, but on the Internet Archive, it can be found. All of Missouri Slave Schedules are on this one document, and the 59 slaves in Atchison county fit on a single […]
  • 1840 Census “Platt” Purchase (5/14/2017) - The land which became Atchison county was not organized in 1840 – but it appears that the unorganized area of the Platte Purchase was attached to Buchanan county for administrative purposes. There aren’t a lot of people there, and even fewer slaves, but some do exist. I can’t be sure exactly where these heads of […]
  • Winnie and the Rupe Family (5/9/2017) - Born in Missouri during slavery, Winnie was a young child during the Civil War. She lived and worked in Atchison county for more than 80 years, living through many social changes, and both WW1 and WW2. She seems to have spent most of her life in dedicated service to one extended family, who returned the care, and buried her among their family.
  • 1890 Veteran’s Census Atchison county Missouri (5/9/2017) - Most of the 1890 US Federal Census was destroyed by fire, but there is a sizable portion of the special census of Veteran’s and Widows that survived.¬† The Atchison county records are 53 pages long, and I’ll extract any that indicate the soldier was a person of color. Benton Township William Goodlow, (colored), Private, Company […]
  • Resources for Atchison county Missouri (5/8/2017) - Newspapers From Chronicling America, part of the Library of Congress: 1. Missouri Valley farmer. (Atchison, Kan.) 1893-1919 2. The Atchison County mail. (Rock Port, Atchison County, Mo.) 1880-current 3. The Tarkio avalanche. (Tarkio, Mo.) 1884-current 4. The Atchison County journal. (Rock Port, Mo.) 1863-1927 5. Westboro enterprise. (Westboro, Atchison County, Mo.) 1901-1921 6. Westboro wave. […]
  • 1876 Atchison county Missouri (5/8/2017) - The 1876 Missouri State Census is both more and less helpful than the 1870 or 1880 Federal census. The people are listed by age ranges instead of specific ages, (except sometimes when the age is written in) but they are listed with their specific township and range number – very helpful when named townships split […]
  • 1880 Atchison county Missouri (5/8/2017) - After emancipation, while some former slaves stayed in the same areas they had always lived in, others moved. Atchison county seems to be one of those places people moved AWAY from, as the number of non-white dropped¬†significantly between 1860 & 1870.¬† 1870 to 1880 was pretty stable, in terms of total numbers, but former EPs […]
  • 1850 Atchison county Missouri (5/4/2017) - Atchison county, Missouri is on the very edge of slave territory, and slave holding was not very common in the county. None of the EP groups were large enough to call a plantation (20 or more EPs). Many of the EPs likely were skilled workers, and helped in the merchant or tradesman shop, or were house servants, helping to care for children. In 1850, there were only 30 EPs, controlled by 10 SHs. In order to begin the process of tracking where these slaves came from, it is necessary to look at where the SHs and their family connections come from.
  • What is behind The Beyond Kin Project? (5/2/2017) - The Beyond Kin Project is a process concept for documenting Enslaved Persons (EP) in relationship to their Slave Holders (SH). Descendants of EPs share the anger and sadness that can overwhelm them when they discover their ancestor documented as property. I am able to be more detached. That doesn't make me a better researcher, necessarily, but I can grieve for the tragedy of our American history from a more distant perspective.
  • 1870 Atchison county Missouri (5/2/2017) - As part of my personal goal relating to The Beyond Kin Project, I’m trying to tease out the details for former Enslaved Persons in Atchison county Missouri. Here’s links to the 1870 census. (Links go to Family Search – to get the most out of the site, I recommend you make a free account, and […]

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