Historical Pursuits

Genealogy, Living History, and Making the Past Alive

Civil War Re-enactments

At a civil war living history or re-enactment event, often members of the public are invited to watch. This is when authenticity is most important, for the sad truth is that our re-enactments are the only history book many people will ever read.

Sometimes, I’ll write from the modern viewpoint, but other times, I’ll try to get inside the head of a soldier.

  • Verdigre Tactical – May 2017 (5/8/2017) - Visualize a calm night, moon shining brightly on the white canvas of the Union A-frame and dog tents. The trees are thinly scattered about the flat encampment area with sparse grasses, and the sandy ground beneath your feet is not the hard baked clay or sticky mud you are used to. But going barefoot is […]
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