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  • Terms & Conditions May Apply (7/17/2017) - We’ve all heard this disclaimer on modern ads, but do you ever think about how the terms of a will can help us solve problems? Knowing more about the normal probate process, and terms used, will help us understand what is going on. ‘Real’ property was land, ‘personal’ property was anything not nailed down, (including […]
  • Why location matters in pre-1850 research (7/15/2017) - Before the internet, before cars & plane travel, people tended to live, work, marry, & die in a fairly small area. They married the girl who lived a few miles away, and when they DID move, they tended to move to the same places others in their community had gone. For all of these reasons, […]
  • Finding the nugget of TRUTH – Proving the parents of Elizabeth Smith (7/6/2017) - Every family has a lot of stories. Some of those stories seem farfetched. But in my experience of researching over the last 40 years, I’ve found that nearly every story has at its core a nugget of truth. Your job is to find it. Here’s the tale of how I did just that. To start, […]
  • Coonrod is a distinctive name – more Smiths (7/5/2017) - (In an effort to find more proof of the names of my Smith ancestors I think are related to me, I decided to start trying to untangle ALL the Smiths in Morgan county, Ohio. This is one small set of Smiths, out of over 80 Smith families noted in that county in 1850. I do […]
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