(In an effort to find more proof of the names of my Smith ancestors I think are related to me, I decided to start trying to untangle ALL the Smiths in Morgan county, Ohio. This is one small set of Smiths, out of over 80 Smith families noted in that county in 1850. I do not believe these are connect to me, but if they do, it would be at least a generation back.)

1840 – Morgan co OH – Census – Manchester twp – Wm Smith, age 20-30; along with two 20-30 year old women, and one boy child under 5. This is not a person mentioned in Sarah Smith’s 1850 will. Perhaps his presence on the same page/township is chance – or perhaps he was an older child of Sarah, that died before 1850.

1840 – Morgan co OH – Census – Manchester twp – Adam Smith, age 20-30; along with a 20-30yo woman (his wife); and 2 boys & 1 girl under 5 years old. That seems to match with the Adam & Isabel Smith family later. While not right next to his mother Sarah Smith, they are still on the same page.

1840 – Morgan co OH – Census – Manchester twp – Sarah Smith, age 50-60, with 2 males age 20-30 and 2 females age 20-30, is 2 names before Robert Martin, who was her executor.

1842 – Morgan co OH – Marriage records – Andrew S Brown who married Elizabeth Smith 10 May 1842.

1850 – Morgan co OH – Census – Center twp – Family #1069 – Andrew J Brown, 30, b Pennsylvania, occupation – farmer, (no real estate);  Elizabeth Brown, 32, b Pennsylvania; Aaron Brown, 7, b Ohio; Sarah J Brown, 5, b Ohio; Eli Brown, 3, b Ohio; Coonrod Brown, 1, b Ohio.

1850 – Morgan co OH – Census – Manchester twp – Family #358Adam Smith, 38, b Pennsylvania, occupation – laborer, $600; Isabel Smith, 32, b Pennsylvania; Matthew Smith, 14, b Ohio; Sarah Smith, 12, b Ohio; John Smith, 10, b Ohio; Mary A Smith, 8, b Ohio; Eliza Smith, 6, b Ohio; Frances Smith, 4, b Ohio; Nancy Smith, 1, b Ohio.

1856 – Morgan co OH – Probate records –  will of Sarah Smith – Living in Manchester twp, Morgan county, OH when the will was written. Names the following, “my two sons, John & Coonrod” who got the bulk of the estate. Then there were cash legacies to be paid to – “my daughter Elizabeth Brown” . . . “my son Adam Smith” . . . “my daughter Margaret Willeon” . . . “also my son Samuel Smith”. The executors were to be John Smith and Robert Martin, and the will was signed 2 March 1850. Robert Martin & Dudley Martin were witnesses.  The will was proved 6 October 1856. (Dudley & Robert Martin were in Manchester twp in the 1850 census. But I can’t find Sarah Smith there.) However, all the children must have been of age by 1850, when the will was written. This also gives support to why I believe the 1840 Sarah Smith is this particular Sarah.

1860 & beyond – Adam Smith‘s family is well attested, with names and dates of children, on Family Search, and it was the work of just a short while to find and add the sources to prove what some other researcher had done. However, prior to my touching this family, Adam didn’t have anything other than parents names – no siblings. One must presume the other researcher(s) hadn’t found the wills.

Adam Smith family

Andrew & Elizabeth Brown moved on to Jasper county, Illinois by 1860. But Andrew isn’t found in that county in the 1865 state census (although his son Aaron possibly is), nor in the 1870, or the probate records between 1860 & 1870. The youngest son, James Coonrod Brown stayed in Jasper county.

Elizabeth Brown family

1862 – Morgan co OH – Probate records – will of John Smith – he must have been a fairly young adult, for his will makes provision for “my brother, Adam Smith” to get “HIS SHARE” of the land John currently lived on, and “my brother, Conrad Smith” 40 acres, and quite a bit of stock and farming equipment. Signed 28 January 1862. Witnesses were JM Gilliland & Robert Martin – most likely connected to the Robert & Dudley Martin, the executors of Sarah Smith’s estate. The will was proved 16 June 1862. It is important to note that no provision was made for a wife or any children.