The 1876 Missouri State Census is both more and less helpful than the 1870 or 1880 Federal census. The people are listed by age ranges instead of specific ages, (except sometimes when the age is written in) but they are listed with their specific township and range number – very helpful when named townships split or change. There are no relationships listed, but the details of livestock and produce are useful for learning more about the farmers. Lastly, we don’t know where the people were born.

There were separate columns for enumerating “white” vs “colored”. This makes it relatively easy to scan the un-indexed microfilm and find the persons of color, but no differentiation between black, mulatto, or indian has been made in this census.

Some folks I’d expect, specifically Cynthia, the mother of Mary Goodlow and Townley Nickolson aren’t here. They could be working & living in another county, or accidentally recorded as white, or missed completely.

Township 64, Range 41

Dick, age 18-21, colored male in the household of Andrew & Maliah Gillet. There was no quote mark indicating that Dick used the Gillet name.

Township 65, Range 41

Charles Wear, age 16, colored male enumerated between the Robert & Lottie Hunter, and Lewis H Hoffman families.

Rockport, in Township 65, Range 41

Minnie Rupe, age 10-18, colored female enumerated after the Alpheus & Kittie Hill family. Mrs. Hill was born a Rupe. This woman’s name has been written as Nannie, Minnie, & Winnie. I wonder if she had a speech impediment, that might account for the variety of names written down.

Township 65, Range 39

John H Long, age 21-45, colored male enumerated between William & Sarah Turner, and John & Clarinda Parish.

Township 64, Range 40

Elizabeth Brigs, age 65, colored female enumerated between Frank Burdett and James & Melinda Dunlap. Robert & Isabella Curry are listed right before Mr. Burdett.

Nancy J Massey, age 21-45, colored female enumerated between A Wallace Crawford and Andrew J & Sarah Combs, but Isaac & Margaret Curry were right before Mr. Crawford.

Township 64, Range 40

Goodlow family: William, age 21-45, farmer, with 4 mules, 2 cattle, 75 hogs, who raised 3750 bushels of corn, 113 bushels barley, and 8 tons of Hay. Rest of the family includes: Mary, age 21-45; Aron, age 6-10; Horres, under 10; Delia, under 10; Tonley, under 10; William, under 10.

The next person of color, right after the Goodlow’s, was listed as Charles Smith, a FEMALE aged 21-45. I suspect that should have been male.

Township 65, Range 42

Townley Nickolson, age 21-45, enumerated between Albert & Francis Hughs and James W & Elizabeth Shandy.

Samuel Robinson, age 21-45, enumerated after the Shandy’s, and before Abraham & Caroline King.

Thomas Molden, age 21-45, enumerated after Seek W & Ella M Colvin, at the bottom of the page.

Washington family: George, age 21-45, was at the top of the page. Also in the family were: Harriet, age 21-45; Willie, age 6 to under 10; Fulton, under 10; and Ellie, under 10. The Washington’s don’t have any farm animals or produce listed.

Village of Watson, Township 65, Range 42

Charles Johnson, age 18-21, was enumerated after John & Nancy Noles, and before Nathan & Margaret Green.

Phelps city, Township 65, Range 42

Julia Johnst, age over 45, enumerated between Frank & Emma Farmer, and Frank Handlin. Based on the 1880 census, I’m going to assume this was Johnson for the last name.

Township 66, Range 43

Joseph Milton, age 53, enumerated between John H & Martha Jones, and Isaac & Sarah Robinson.